Have you found a bug or issue with Left Behind stand-alone?

Game freezing straight after starting new game - I haven't even played the got to the prologue

Game freezing straight after starting new TLOU (PS3) game - I haven't even got to the prologue (Disc is completely clear with no marks, I've just bought it)

I get to the menu select start new game then follow with the dificulty, I then go to the dusty loading screen, get to 100% loaded then the screen just goes black and eventually freezes my PS3 after about 30 minutes. Have tried updating the game, deleting any save files.. and still no response. - potentially the worst glitch, i've experienced in my 20 years of playiing video games so far.

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    You are lucky! I don't even get to 50%! Brand new CD no scratches or scuffs!

  • Quaddo1 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    My best guess is that your disc has a manufacturing fault, or is damaged/dirty/dusty. Even-though it looks clean to you.

    Try cleaning it anyway if you have the know-how, and see if that makes a difference.

    It's also possibe the laser-lens in your ps3 might be getting old/dirty/dusty and picky with which discs it wants to read properly.

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