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PS3 - The Hunt - Cut Scene - Stops working here

As I am in this level of the game, The Hunt (I've finished the game when I first got it so I recall finishing the game before), at the Cut-Scene (movie clip) where she is about to be captured and put in a cage (I believe), the part where she is about to find out that the guy is a cannibal (I believe), the part where she is trying to bet back to Joel after fleeing to save his hiding place; she wiped out the camp and is in this house (the save title is called 'The Hunt'). Well, right there during this movie clip, the game freezes (first it froze, I restarted the PS3, then as she is grabbed she disappears and all you see is a floating knife and it freezes and goes blank). I have done all the trouble shooting tips I can find on the internet, YouTube, forums, rebuild (hold, beeps, 3 beeps, rebuild, reconstruct, suck the machine off) all the tricks. I don't understand what happened. I even thought it might be the PS3 hardware, but there is no dust, I'm not a HUGE GAMER where I sit on the couch for hours or days on end, because I work and pay all my bills... because I work and have other responsibilities and not just sit on the couch. All my other games work fine. So, I see this is a problem across the world. So, what's next? Please chime in Naughty Dogs.

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    My best guess is that your disc is damaged/dirty/dusty.

    Try cleaning it if you have the know-how, and see if that makes a difference.

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