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Welcome to the technical issues forum for Uncharted 4!

Please let us know of any issues or bugs you are encountering as you play our game. We’ll be continually monitoring reports here and giving you updates when we can.

For any issues with your PS4 hardware, controllers, or any other accessories – or if you need more immediate help, please contact PlayStation Support at http://www.playstation.com/support/

How do I use this?

  1. Search the forum for your issue by typing a short description of the issue in the “My problem is…” box. If your issue is already submitted by another user, click the “vote” button to show you also experienced the issue. Leave a comment to add any additional information.
  2. If you can’t find your issue, submit it to us with a description.

PLEASE make sure that no one else has reported your issue or bug BEFORE posting a new issue.

If possible, please also provide the following information:

  • PS4 model
  • Disk or digital download
  • Time since install
  • System Free Space

If this is a Multiplayer related issue, please ALSO include:

  • Connection Method (Settings – Network – View Connection Status)
  • Nat Type (Settings – Network – Test Internet Connection)
  • Connection Speed Download (Settings – Network – Test Internet Connection)
  • Connection Speed Upload (Settings – Network – Test Internet Connection)


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