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Having trouble redeeming Special Edition Uncharted Points code

I purchased the UC4 Special Edition and it comes with a code for 500 Uncharted Points for use in multiplayer. Everytime I enter my code, it tells me its redeemed but the points never show up in my account in the game. Im able to re-enter the code on the store, as if its never been redeemed before. I've tried doing this from the online store as well as store on PS4. In either case, its acting as if my DLC code isnt registering with my account

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Thank you for playing Uncharted 4 MP. We’re sorry you’re experiencing this issue. The pre-order booster you mentioned should be a 300 point boost. We are unaware of a 500 point booster. Our records show that your account has redeemed the 300 point voucher and has been credited properly on June 2nd. If you feel there is still an issue with the pre-order voucher you used, please let us know. Thank you!


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  • kb4983 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    I recently attempted to redeem the 300 points that came with the special edition of Uncharted 4 that I bought, and it's not working properly.

    I was able to redeem the code via the PS Store on my PS4, but when I entered the Multiplayer portion of the game, I did not receive the 300 points.

    When checking my account settings, the Uncharted 4 service list even states that I have 1 remaining use of 300 points for the game, but as far as I can tell there is no way to collect.

    I would very much like to start getting into the multiplayer for Uncharted 4 and these points would help me on my way.

    I submitted my own ticket here in the Feedback area, but as of yet no one has responded to it, so I figure I'd try adding to this ticket. Please help!

    Additional Info:
    PS4 model: CUH-1001A
    Disc copy.
    Installed June or July.
    Over 400GB of Free Space.

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    You no longer have the triple pack available for sale in the play-station store. In doing so your giving everybody the multiplayer DLC free in hopes that we will buy uncharted coins. In doing so you are cheating your fans that already purchased the triple pack. This probably stems from the fact that you tried to get the gaming community to pay for the triple pack and turn around again digging into are wallets to pay for uncharted coins to unlock said items. In doing so you realized this was total crap and deleted the option to buy the triple pack. Currently the Explorer pack is the same $24.99 that the triple was and comes with the 3,200 uncharted coins.
    Do the right thing NAUGHTY DOG.

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