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Unlimited Cintamani Stone Glitch

I just posted an"idea", buy l don't know if it went through... Anyway, I found a Cintamani Stone Glitch, and l, SSP _Styles, uploaded it to my Youtube channel. Go to Youtube and search my tag, SSP _Styles, and look for a video entitled: Uncharted 4 | Cintamani Stone Glitch For ND . It goes through everything you need to do in the description of that video. This is merely a glitch, NOT A HACK. Thanks, and cheers.

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solved  ·  AdminNaughty Dog QA Team (Go away!, Naughty Dog) responded  · 

Thank you for your reports. We will work on a fix for this issue.

Anyone reported using this glitch in gameplay will likely be temporarily suspended.

Please feel free to report cheaters here:

Please follow the below steps to easily upload a video from your PS4 to Youtube:

1. Go to PS4 Settings > Playstation Network/Account Management > Link with Other Services
2. Select Youtube
3. Sign into (or create) a Youtube Account
4. After completing the sign in process, return to the PS4 menu and launch Uncharted 4
5. Play until you experience cheating.
6. Press the Share Button on your controller and select Upload Video Clip
7. Go to the Uncharted 4 folder
8. Select the top video
9. Select Youtube
10. Fill out any on screen fields you desire and press Share button at the bottom
11. Copy and Paste the URL of your Youtube video into your Technical Forum comment so we can observe.


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