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Lower difficulty in Survival

After playing the Uncharted series since the beginning and managing to complete all the online trophies for everything, i think i can say that without a doubt finishing survival on Crushing difficulty or Hardcore and gaining 3 stars is an absolute joke at this point.
I understand the want to make things more difficult to your player base to extend playtime online, but the sheer brutality of this difficulty is incredibly unfair and relies on vast amounts of luck to finish it.
So far me, my bf and a close friend of ours (whom i did the other uncharted online with) have managed to 3 star the first 7 levels on Crushing. However the 8th level, as we have now found out as been 'patched' to the point of virtual impossibility.
Without any kind of weakness, this boss and it's siege wave are borderline impossible. Even if we were to spend vast sums of money on your DLC weapons, boosters etc, it would still be borderline impossible.
We have tried this for approximately 8-10 hours every day for the past week, and have never once got close to even finishing this in a 1 star difficulty, let alone 2 or 3 stars. The only time we have completed this lvl on Crushing, it took us 2 hours and 30 minutes.
We have tried camping spots, headshots, Harbinger Snipers, Grenades, hanging off the side of the boat, balls out in the middle of the map, splitting up, sticking together and still nothing. As of the latest patch to survival, you have broken it to the point of impossibility, and i am well aware that we are not the only ones.
At the very least give him a weakness of some sort, allow him to become vulnerable in some way.
Not only this but i assume you have allowed the enemies to read controller inputs, as i have multiple recordings showing that the split second i do blind fire they immediately teleport or do a Djinn dash before the shot has even fired. So they must be reading button inputs.
With a combination of all of this, i submit that something needs to be done about how brutally difficult and unfair the crushing and hardcore difficulties are in survival mode.
I will post this to various other places as well, as i have noticed there is a tendency on this suggestions section to either remove posts regarding the difficulty of survival, or bury them so deep that no one can find them.

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    Yeas crushing 3 star times are way to hard. There was a huge thread with over 200 votes that was ignored and removed from the site. I think ND only cares about us buying more microtransactions at this point.

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