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Chapter 4 Ending & 5 Intro - Falling through floor/death screen bug

I think the problem started at the end of the chapter 4 cinematic, some of the background started disappearing and I could only see Nate & Sam with a blank background image, no textures. At the end of this cinematic when it transitions to Chapter 5 I see Nate falling through the floor and hear a death screen.

This kept happening so I quit the game and tried to continue from there, here it shows I'm in Chapter 5 now. What happens here is the screen remains black, then it turns to some sort of film grain and I hear the death scream & controller starts rumbling. I guess I'm somehow stuck in a never ending death screen.

I've tried to delete my save game, restart my PS4 etc. I haven't re-installed the game yet, wanted to try here first.

Finished installing yesterday evening
120GB free space

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