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Naughty dog please fix ranked system this morning i reached qualifier of master second time, i got kicked from the first match because of white plug, i won the second but in third match a player left in the beginning, the qualifiers failed and i decided to continue trying but the next two ranked matches started with 4 players and i lost around 40 more points as team forfeit and i decided to do one last try but again the fifth player left and now i have only 26 points of diamond 1. if you cannot fix the quitters issue then please make that the player who loose a match with S rank should not loose any points, disconnection penalty should be equal to normal loss which is 20 points for diamond players and players should not be kicked because of white plug in ranked match as every time my internet speed drops for a minute i get kicked out of ranked matches because of white plug, the last thing i want to ask is that change hill control time from 80 to 40 seconds in ranked. I have attached the video proof of cinematic replays of ranked matches that started with 4 players.

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