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Hello, i'm a player of uncharted 4. I have played uncharted 3, and i remember that Uncharted Tv showed different videos of the community. I loved watching that videos like montages from teams (Defy)... nowadays, uncharted 4 is focus on ranked mode (good players), so the other side (cliphunting) have lost importance. Right now, there is one uc4 team called "Team FuSe" . We cliphunt to do montages. We have some of uncharted 4 montages like "Intensity" , "Remember Me"... that if they were on Uncharted TV, maybe players would like to participate in the "cliphunting community". To conclude, my idea is to put on the uncharted tv some montages from us (Team fuSe) and some of Defy. We are the only active team in uncharted 4, that's why we would like to help this community. Thanks for your time reading the comment. We are on youtube uploading montages, some of them are "cool".

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    I remember the Good Old Days of U3 Tv, U3's Dodge Ball and Cool Lab Maps, and also those Red Revolution Weapons. That takes me back, nice to see other people haven't forgotten what was Uncharted in its prime.

    The lack of variety in U4 tv is pretty lame, and I think it could use something extra in it.

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