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Epilogue bug

Bug in last chapter (epilogue) freezes Cassies moves, (but still can walk) and closes the game. Please fix, i cant finish the game because of this.

Ps4 slim
Intalled 2 months ago
321,5 gb / 408,5 gb

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    Is there any pattern to when she freezes? I don't know how to fix it but there are a few things that you could experiment with. Try to observe when the game crashes, is it when you enter a certain room or go to a certain area? If it's not a necessary place to be maybe skip it for now until there's a fix for the bug. I've had areas she get's stuck, though never to a crash of the game...You can also try playing with photo mode to try to see if the game is responding at all. It does sound like you've tried to turn it off and on again...now the memory could (but not likely) be a factor. Try looking through your photos and videos to try to offload some data. You usually want to have around 300 gigabytes at max if things are going haywire, though if this were the case any other large games you have should be having similar problems. I also would say if possible try changing the level of difficulty it might help. Hopefully someone has experienced this glitch as well and has a better solution...I'm a little more familiar with Nintendo and PC programs so I'm not an expert in this by any means. Until an answer appears just try fiddling with it and keeping it updated. I can at least attest that the digital download does work even with other programs running at the same time...Sorry I couldn't be of much help...

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