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I have a BIG PROBLEM, In chapter 12 in the second optional conversation does not jump, It does not appear, I just need that damn conversation for platinum, please can not be that a conversation can not have the platinum

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    First off congrats on the platinum goal! I wish I could get that close, but I always forget the trophies when I'm in the action. Anyway, that one usually is easier to get but I missed a ton of these conversations, not for lack of trying but for lack of patience. If this isn't a technical problem go into the planning room and stay there until Sam joins you. From there keep your eye on him, don't let him out of your sight while he's in there. He should get to the mural next to the door and then his conversation should appear. If it doesn't work then what you have is a technical issue that means you need to check for an update and do some basic testing.

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