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Game breaks on chapter 17

I have been playing uncharted 4 for quite some time with no issues until I got to chapter 17. Once I begin the chapter, my game immediately broke. First Elena is frozen with her arms out straight in the water and the only way I could get her to move is to run into her so she'd briefly move then freeze again. Once she got out of the water she started moving fine but then I realized even after pressing triangle to talk to her, both characters were not saying anything. Once we got to the Jeep it was flying in the air and once we went up the ladder and walked into the jungle a bit, all the textures were gone so I couldn't progress further as I'd just fall out of the world.
I am playing on the PS4 pro 1tb with a digital install of the game and installed it about a month ago, I also have 316 gb
free space.
I have tried restarting the chapter and restarting and shutting off my PS4
I don't know what else to do as I don't want to restart the game

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