Have you found a bug or issue with Uncharted 4?


My PS4 is slim 1TB.
At the beginning of the chapter 17, Helena stood still. After watching a video of this chapter, I realized that she should go up the stairs and ask Nathan to help him up to a higher location and then roll the stairs to him.
But nothing happens.

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    Odd...I'm guessing you restarted the level? Most AI interactions require the player to direct their character to a trigger to cue the action. First make sure your game is up to date by using the option button from the main menu. If it's still not working turn the game off and then on again and follow one of the walkthroughs you trust exactly to make sure it's not because the character is not where he should be. After all that if there's still a problem, make sure your system's memory isn't overloaded and if it still doesn't work you'll need a more technical answer than I can give as game coding is not my strength.

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