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Ban for 999 Days?

Dear Naughty Dog employee,

On Saturday, February 2, three of my friends and I have been banned for 999 days. We are shocked by your decision and heavy punishment, we are still in disbelief. We believe that none of these violations were committed by us. So that is why we writing ND with some arguments in the hope that ND will look at our case and give up the ban.

My friends and i play command a lot, very well, agressive and hard. We encounter a lot of hate speeches and unsportsmanlike behavior off other players on daily bases. We believe that there are a lot off players that dont like us, report us a lot at ND off cheating. We believe that the evidence video that was sent in off cheating is tampered with and fake. We don't deny that we sometimes react to hate speeches, and show unsportsmanlike behavior. We can not think off other violation then this. The ban off 999 days is out of proportion and harsh in any way, feels like murdering years off gametime and cosmetics achievements we ever gain, this hurts.

ND, we ask you to look at the case again, lift up the ban or less ban days if you see fits. Please give us some feedback so we can have some peace of mind. We still love and intend to play UC4 for a long time, so loyal are we to the game.



My fiends that have ban to:

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