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Uncharted Collection Among Theives bug

I couldn’t find any support for the uncharted collection (I wonder why) so I am posting this issue about Uncharted 2 remastered here.
When playing Uncharted 2: Among Thieves there is a bug on chapter 14 (tunnel vision). When fighting the boss the quick time events (qte’s) don’t appear. I cannot complete this game even in easy because I can’t complete the melee cutscene with this boss. I have tried spamming triangle (the correct button) and even waiting until when I thought it was the correct moment

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    I'm pretty sure you can beat this boss without seeing the button prompts. It can be tough tough, but not impossible. The key to this fight is to damage the guy with some gunfire, at least one grenade, and maybe a few punches (square button) before entering into the triangle-dodging qte-cqc.

    Also, I'm not so sure you're supposed to see the triangle prompt while dodging, as you can see here: https://youtu.be/Sy-8BrZTycY?t=36m and here: https://youtu.be/mxvXxPRpsJU?t=24m.

    Plus, spamming the triangle button might actually work against you, in that the qt event will fail if you press the button too early.

    Idr, but check so there isn't a melee-prompts
    on/off setting in the options menu.

    Is this your first playthrough of the game?
    If not, check if you've unlocked the slow motion tweak (req: beat the game on normal), try using that to get past this troublesome section.
    Otherwise your best bet is to either restart the chapter from the main menu and making a new save file, or re-install the game.

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