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Stuck at Chapter 8 with message of 0:00 remaining

Encountering the issue described in the subject line and unfortunately see many other posts of people encountering this issue and there's no response from Naughty Dog regarding what's going on or how to solve it. This is on a brand new PS4 1TB, not the Pro, and all other games I have including anything played on PS Now work fine. The game was purchased via digital download from the PlayStation store. Time since install is about a week and system free space is almost the full 1Tb.

The game is completely unplayable so if you don't have a resolution to this Naughty Dog then I need contact information to get a refund.

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    That message indicates that the game's download and install has halted while playing the game. Probably due to corrupted game data.

    The best course of action would be to delete the game data, and re-download and install the game over-night, and let it "do its thing" in peace, so to speak.

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