Have you found a bug or issue with Uncharted 4?

Game crash!

I bought uncharted 4 on the UK store a few months ago when it was on sale. Didn’t have the time to play it till yesterday. Unfortunately the game keeps crashing in the first chapter itself (when Sam shows Nathan the 500cc motorcycle).

I have tried deleting and re downloading the game. My PS4 is on the latest firmware, so is the game. I have also rebuilt the database several times. I’ve basically done everything people with similar issues have mentioned in forums. None of it worked. Sadly the game keeps crashing after the intro of the 500cc bike.
I haven’t seen any fix being mentioned for this problem.
As you guys are the developers, you should be able to pinpoint this issue. I want to play this game. If you cannot resolve this issue, I’d most definitely like a refund.

Running on PS4 pro (500 million edition, so fairly new hardware). Tried moving it to external storage and still the same problem. This is the only game that I have this issue with, I’ve checked all the other games on my drive.

Hoping to hear back soon regarding this issue.

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    It sounds like you're on digital download, correct?

    Are you getting any error codes or messages when the game crashes?

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