How many trophies are included in The Last of Us Remastered?

50 Total in 5 trophy Groups (1 Platinum, 9 Gold, 18 Silver, and 22 Bronze). To earn Platinum you do not need to get any trophies from the DLC. The 8 trophies you can earn on each DLC map have been altered for the PS4 System version.

The trophies are: 
  • Bookstore
  • Hometown
  • Bus Depot
  • Suburbs
  • Wharf
  • Water Tower
  • Coal Mine
  • Capitol
We have changed those trophies to require the player to get 5 downs or executions with no restrictions on deaths on each map in any MP game mode. This will make these trophies much easier to get but still require the players to contribute to the match.

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