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  1. Audio Setup Guide

  2. Can I play Factions with my friends who only own the PS3 version?

  3. Dialog is soft or inaudible in cutscenes and/or gameplay

  4. Do I need to complete Grounded mode to earn my Platinum trophy?

  5. How do I access Left Behind? Can I play it first or do I have to complete the full game?

  6. How do I unlock New Game Plus? What is it?

  7. How does Photo Mode work?

  8. How many trophies are included in The Last of Us Remastered?

  9. I am not able to access the store items I bought.

  10. I bought DLC and now it isn’t showing up in my multiplayer loadout when I equip it. What happened?

  11. I bought the Multiplayer Only upgrade and now it says I need PS Plus! What happened?

  12. I bought the season pass or I bought Add-on content on PS3. Do I need to buy all that content again?

  13. I just upgraded from the Factions MP trial to full multiplayer, and now all of the text in my menu reads “UNKNOWN STRING!!!” What gives?

  14. I played Left Behind and then purchased the full game, but my progress won’t load.

  15. I played The Last of Us on PS3 and the controls have changed. Can I change them back?

  16. I'm new to Factions mode. Will I get any support?

  17. Incorrect channel configuration

  18. Survey

  19. Uncharted 4 Multiplayer: How to Report Suspected Cheating, Exploits, or Unsporting Play

  20. Uncharted and The Last of Us Multiplayer Server Decommissioning on PS3

  21. What are the changes between the PS3 and PS4 system versions?

  22. What is included on disk for the PS4 system version?

  23. What other changes will be happening to Factions in The Last of Us Remastered?

  24. Where can I watch the Grounded: The Making of the Last of Us documentary?

  25. Will my single player campaign progress carry over?

  26. Will my trophy progress carry over?

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