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    I am experiencing trouble with this trophy popping as well. The problem lies in the count for the conversations. Sometimes, when you engage the prompt for the conversation, the counter will not increment. I have also experienced the counter decrementing itself when I reload a save, and I can't time travel to have the conversation again. I fixed the decrement problem once by starting a new game at the same section in the same chapter, and it loaded me with all of my conversations up to that point. I continued. Finally, I reached a moment when it would not increment (optional conversation #34, but I doubt this matters). I restarted the encounter multiple times, but it would not change. So, I tried the new game fix and all of my 4 save file conversation counters went to 0, which is completely bizarre. Now I have to restart the entire game from scratch and hope that it counts every time. Considering this is my third try to get the trophy to pop, I'm not up for it. Trophies aren't super important in the grand scheme of things, but I like trying to get platinum for games I enjoy, and this is one I'll probably never get because of a bug, not difficulty. Especially because this bug has been under review for a year and a half now. I understand that fixing a bug requires time and resources, but I, and many other players, would greatly appreciate a fix if possible.

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