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    DO NOT DELETE YOU’RE SAVE DATA. There’s a lot of comments saying you have to delete your save data and replay your game. This is not true. To get the trophy, start a new game (cannot be a new game plus). Play through the entire game on easy in one sitting. A lot of the conversations not counting are due to a glitch while loading your saves. Use a guide to see which conversation to activate and where. After each conversation, go to your statistics and make sure you count each and every one. For example, if it says you have 10 conversations and you activate another, check your stats to make sure it says 11. Also when you arrive to the university there are two firefly symbols you can interact with. After you interact with one, you can’t interact with the other. But only one counts as a conversation. The one you want is the one left to some glass doors, DON’T INTERACT WITH THE ONE ON THE BRICK WALL. I know this game is quite old, but if your like me you got the remaster as the free PS Plus game of the month and was interested in the platinum trophy. If you need any more help or information my gamer tag is Lilm_037

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